About us

In 1999 KKB (Kletschke Kommunikation & Beratung) was founded in Zurich. The company  consists of a team of experts, which supports internationally well-known institutions like banks, business concerns, information- and telecommunication companies with their methodical approaches, schooling and training. Their clients also include chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises, service- and consulting industries.

The Founder of KKB

Cornelia Kletschke (1959), CH-8127 Forch (Zurich) and Bradenton (Florida)

Cornelia Kletschke graduated as a economic merchant. She worked in several functions in management positions. As a professional counselor and coach for over 20 years she has experience in helping people dealing with the confusion and determine the best solution for to move them forward. She supports teams and is moderating board-meetings and workshops. Her scope includes several supervising boards.

Cornelia Kletschke is married. She has 5 children and two grandchildren. She lives in Bradenton (Florida) and Zurich (Switzerland). Her hobbies are tennis (Florida champion) and painting acryl pictures.


Lucas Kletschke (1965), CH-8127 Forch (Zurich)

Lucas Kletschke graduated in business management at the University of Cologne. In 1990 he moved to Switzerland, In a leading american IT company he worked as a Controller, Operations Manager, Customer Relations Manager and Sales Director. Then member leading board of a global consulting company. Since 2003 active as independent business and communication consultant. He is a pragmatist and loves the challenge. His professional scope also includes a position as lecturer at the “Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Technik“ in Zurich.

Lucas Kletschke is married. He has 5 children and two grandchildren. He lives in Zurich (Switzerland) and Bradenton (Florida). His hobbies are playing soccer, tennis and running marathons.


Our Networkpartner

KKB is a network of renowned independent experts, each with a different background. On the basis of their broad experience and their specific knowledge, they advise and train clients operating both in business and in the public sector.

They develop training, coaching and lectures on every relevant aspect of communication and management, and hold seminars and workshops on related subjects. The partners engaged in this network foster a culture of entrepreneurial thinking and acting.